Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Everybody Hurts

This one is for all the recently arrived freshmen on campus at UConn.  I recently came across this tribute album to Automatic for the People (free to download).  The band Bodies of Water covers "Everybody Hurts" (scroll down to the bottom of the page to download the song).  Like me, you've probably heard that song so many times you're sick of it.  Well, this tribute gives it new life.  Here's Bodies of Water commenting on the song.  I think this relates perfectly to the need for community and what sharing each other's burdens really feels like:

 "Everybody hurts - Take comfort in your friends"

It could be that we're encouraged to take comfort in the fact that our friends are the most prevalent example of mankind living in pain (since they, like everybody else, hurt). Does being reminded of the unexceptional nature of our individual pain assuage it somehow? Maybe … at least if we appreciate the ubiquity of pain we can’t pity ourselves.

It could be that carousing with your friends (and knowing they’re available for carousing) is the most comforting thing about them.

In the end, I think "Don’t throw your hand" is the soundest advice in the song. As bad as you feel and as messed as you are, whatever you take comfort in or don't, just don't start throwing your hand around.

An interesting note: I thought this meant hurling your severed hand, while Meredith thought that it meant waving your hand around spastically, like a baby. Whatever. It's gross and weird.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Update on our hymn project

Isaac Wardell at Bear Creek Studios, Seattle

We're done!  The record has been mixed and will be released nationally on a to-be-announced major independent label in the coming months.  The title will most likely be "Come O Spirit!  Anthology of Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Vol. I."  Thank you to all who have supported this little-now-big project from the beginning!  Isaac will be bringing house shows to Indianapolis and St. Louis next month.    

Track list:

1.  Hard Times Come Again No More (v: David Bazan)
2.  Come O Spirit! (v: Aimee Wilson)
3.  He Never Said a Mumblin' Word (v: Sufjan Stevens and the Welcome Wagon)
4.  It Is Finished (v: Trent Dabbs)
5.  How Calm and Beautiful the Morn (v: Joseph Pensak)
6  Lord I Believe (v: Liz Janes)
7.  Be Still My Soul (v: Sarah Fullen)
8.  Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me (v: Laura Gibson)
9.  Just a Closer Walk With Thee (v: Damien Jurado with Rosie Thomas)
10.  I Sought the Lord (v: Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer)
11.  Kyrie Eleison (v: My Brightest Diamond)
12.  Mourner's Prayer (v: Denison Witmer)
13.  Open Thou Mine Eyes (v: Kate York)